Monday, August 4, 2014


Well the Sunday of summer is here. Is there anything left to do? Later this month I am going on vacation. But that is two weeks away. One yearly favorite is the OC fair followed by the LA county fair. There are weird and random foods, exhibits, concerts, and rides. It is the best ending of summer but I haven't been in two years.

I always procrastinate when it comes to something I want to do. I took me five years to finally pierce my cartilage. I still haven't dyed my hair and I'm 23. I know every time I say that I get one of two reactions. I either get the "don't ever dye it" or "virgin hair". Summer is no exception. I didn't really have a plan this year but years prior I was always ecstatic about doing this or that and by August I either forgot or only got one of to-dos done.

The majority of my summer is watching netflix and going to work. I started recently to act on things that I want to do. I set up a monthly thing. Last month I focused on getting my ear pierced (as mentioned above) and now I plan on getting my hair dyed. My Long term adventures are to go on a vacation with friends, get to Disneyland (Californian must!), go to more concerts, and buy myself jewelry. It is all random and plausible but with my procrastination it is difficult. I always say a mantra of one step at a time but I mostly ignore it. Are there more procrastinators out there? How do you over come it?

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